Friday, November 9, 2012

Smoking fetish fantasy

I know exactly what you need...
You crave to watch Me light My cigarette and blow My smoke into your face,while you are used as my personal human ashtray.
You will offer your hand for Me to use as My ashtray. But I will use your mouth as My ashtray too, you will eat My ash on command, I will put My cigarette out on your tongue and then you will eat my cigarette butt.
I will gently burn your nipples with the hot cigarette, then move lower down your body, who knows where I will burn next..
Then i will make you wear a fetish gas mask, you will breathe when I allow you to breathe, the rest of the time the mask will be full of My smoke!
I will not hold back unless I genuinely feel that you can't take any more, look into My eyes whilst I am torturing you...

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