Saturday, August 20, 2011

Total ownership

You might ask what does the concept of freedom represent in a total ownership D/s relationship. Sometimes I am present most of the time in your day, sometimes I'm just a stalker in the shadow. I am watching you nevertheless, having in mind all your actions, from the moment you wake up to your night program. You giving in to Me, this is what pleases me the most. Seeing you complete every task, no matter how degrading it may be for your status. This is a good way to explore your darker self along with your TRUE self. So, you are totally free inside the invisible golden cage I prepared for you. This is your refuge, the place where you feel you belong, a safe place to grow your kinks and addictions without your mask on.

~Dedicated to D.~

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Anonymous said...

Freedom gained from total honesty is enlightening and very liberating. Your mystery is overwhelming and cuts a fine line between exhilaration and anguish - an interesting journey :). Thank you for your dedication ... D