Monday, January 4, 2010

My new blackmail slave

The New Year already brought me a new blackmail slut and i'm terribly happy. At this moment, it happens that i know all his personal information, with proof, and as well his wife's contact details.. I have everything at my disposal. If he will fail me, his marriage will be ruined and his coleagues will totally change their opinion about him.. Because he confessed to Me, and because i wasn't joking when i started to gather all the information from him.
I also have some very degrading photos wich you will see on My website if he fails. Along with his full name, address and personal phone.
So, ''caro'' Mario , it's your time to do what you should, like i want, like i love to see you doing. I put this picture of you here , a bit edited so that no one can see your face, but I will reveal your face & identity & everything if you will not do as I please. Simple as that!

Miss Azra