Thursday, January 8, 2009

My specialities

Slave training

Slave training is at the heart of all my sessions - taking a man and bending him to my will, allowing him to experience the true freedom of submission. Naturally bisexual I also train many female submissives, in my personal life and in the context of a professional session.

From the moment that I enter the room and see my newest plaything waiting in slave position I feel an erotic charge as I realise how much I enjoy controlling every aspect of my slaves - their pain and pleasure are at my disposal… in whatever way I desire.


The true bondage my slaves find themselves in is that of their own desires… the desire to please me, the desire to submit, the desire to give themselves to me utterly and completely. That said - bondage is one of my passions, and I love to restrain my toys in every possible way, with rope, leather or wrap - from simple wrist restraints to total mummification or full rope suspension… I am very experienced in both traditional Western style bondage as well as intricate Japanese shibari.

Restraint induces feelings of helplessness and surrender in the slave, and for me, watching them struggle against the rope can be very exciting.

Bondage is a multi-faceted tool; for many quick and simple leather straps and restraints to hold them in place put the focus of the session on other activities such as cbt or discipline. However for the rope lover, the tight and intimate caress as my lines are wrapped around is an ecstatic experience of its own.

Corporal Punishment

Discipline is my greatest love - I am a sexual sadist and get great pleasure from the suffering that my slaves endure in order to please me. I love to administer a firm and prolonged hand spanking, and have been told that my spankings are more severe than other Mistress' paddlings!

I love the sound of the strap soundly applied to flinching buttocks - the loud crack that echoes around the dungeon. I also can administer a heavy and accurate back flogging - the raised and reddened flesh on either side of a white strip down the middle of slave's back. But it is the cane that is my greatest love - the swish and crack as it leaves a perfect double welt on the trembling white cheeks.

As many of my slaves will attest, many who serve me learn to take more and more discipline every time - pushing the boundaries of their pain and my desire.

Torment and torture

Genitals and nipples are such wonderfully sensitive areas - all the better for torturing and tormenting! I find that it is the cock that gets my slaves into all this trouble in the first place, and cbt can be a good way to remind them of their helplessness and of the fact that they put themselves in peril voluntarily! Cock and ball torture often includes; squeezing and twisting, bondage, electrical torture, weights, clamps, catheters, and piercing from light to extreme!

When much younger I thought of nipples as control knobs for boys! How true, from light play between pleasure and pain - to extreme heavy torture including clamps, weights, wax, ice, whipping and of course piercing.

Foot fetish and trampling

There are few things as pleasurable as the sight of one of my toys in full slave position lavishing my shiny boots with kisses. In my sessions, boot worship is not usually an option - it is a necessary ritual at the beginning and close of each session - allowing my slaves to find their submission and to be freed again.

Spending so much time in high heels and fetish boots, I derive a lot of pleasure from the attention that my foot slaves love to lavish upon my beautiful feet - from the feeling of a tongue caressing my feet through the shiny leather - to the delicate kisses placed on each perfect toe… my feet are a serious erogenous zone! Some slaves are lucky enough to be ordered to pamper my feet with pedicures and massage. Of course the harsher side of this fetish is trampling… something I particularly enjoy - seeing a helpless male crushed beneath my feet.

Latex, leather and fetish glamour

As a true fetishist, I derive a lot of pleasure from my extensive wardrobe. I am well known for my classic hourglass figure and I have a range of leather, satin and latex corsets to restrain my already tiny waist. Fully fashioned stockings, leather gloves, thigh high boots, shiny pvc, killer heels and full latex - I not only wear the clothes, I live the fetish.

Of course sometimes I enjoy dressing my slaves in latex, encasing them completely in shiny rubber. Latex maids, rubber gimps and other fetish sluts are a true delight to train and toy with. Of course being completely cocooned in my latex vacuum bed can be the ultimate in restriction.

Cross dressing and sissy training

Many of my toys enjoy exploring their submission in a feminine role, sometimes being forced to transform in a merciless forced feminisation and sometimes relishing the opportunity to be pampered and trained as a maid, ballerina or even a conservative office lady.

I have a wonderful array of wigs, shoes, lingerie and outfits all for the "fuller figured" lady! Plus top quality makeup to enhance and transform even the most masculine features - of course all applicators are disposable for total hygiene...

Watersports and toilet training

One of the many sexual taboos of our society, many of my slaves are very surprised by how erotic the experience of receiving a jet of my hot liquid on their body can be. Others may like to sample a glass of my finest golden vintage…

Of course for some the humiliation of being restrained under my special toilet chair is exhilarating. Full toilet training is also available, but only to those who are experienced and knowledgeable about this edgeplay activity

i will write soon more about my expertise!

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